Moon News

"Moon News, finalist for the 2021 Miller Williams Poetry Prize, can be seen as the unlikely marriage of Charles Bukowski and Sir Philip Sidney, but of course, that doesn’t do justice to Craig Blais, who is a strong and engaging poet in his own right.


"We can say that Moon News is a collection of sonnets if we allow that a poem cast in the basic shape of a sonnet is a sonnet. The shadow of the English sonnet is visible here: fourteen lines divided into three quatrains and the couplet. But the quatrains are not grammatical units as they tend to be with the Elizabethans; rather, they run on into the next quatrain and finally into the couplet, amen.


"As readers, we experience both the familiarity of the sonnet box and the many novel twists and odd surprises of this poet’s original hand. In one poem, Blais’s grandmother’s pea soup recipe acts as the closing couplet. In other scenarios, the couplets sound like items from a police blotter or a nurse’s log. This is the sonnet repurposed for our time."


—Billy Collins, Miller Williams Prize judge

   from the preface to Moon News